Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and on and on

On Saturday I went on one of my semi-annual benders although I wasn't really drinking so I don't know if it counts as one.  I used to force SB to stay awake with me but in the past couple of years he has run off to sleep and left me to my own devices.  He does not like long spells of unrest whereas I was conditioned through seven and a half years of architecture school to all night work sessions.  It has come in handy at the office a few times.

The day started with us meeting SB's former classmate who was in town on business.  Next, I spent the rest of the afternoon cheering three squads of my club's rugby players who were playing in friendly matches at Aberdeen Sports Ground.  Then I was off to the Jockey in Happy Valley for a farewell party for Elliot, the manager of the past five years.  Throughout the evening a large assortment of patrons and hospitality staff from other pubs came and went, presenting a living slide show of his life at the pub.  I limited my drinking to a couple glasses of wine over the span of almost twelve hours of revelry.  I intended to stay awake until 3am to see the France vs. new Zealand rematch but the next thing I knew it was 6:30 and I had missed the match.

With more speed than a vampire in the moments before first dawn I scurried home and attempted to sneak into bed without SB noticing the time.  Unfortunately he was in the center of the bed with the sheets rolled around him in a large cocoon with two large feet sticking out at one end and a dishevelled head sticking out of the other end.  I managed to squeeze into the space next to him and then attempted to subtly nudge him to his side of the bed.  Maybe I could take one end of the sheet and drag him or slowly unroll him in one direction.  My attempts woke him up but thankfully he is not a morning person and so true wakefulness was eluded.  He lifted his head out of the cocoon and make a few smacking noises for me to kiss him before falling back asleep as I was heaving him in one direction.  We both awoke by 9am with him none the wiser about my very late night.

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