Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hong Kong Lacrosse Open

The Hong Kong Lacrosse Open is happening this weekend. Several national teams from the region will be competing. This is one of the bigger tournaments for the men's teams before the World Games in Denver in July.


Friday 18th April
13:00-15:00 Game 1: Hong Kong vs Korea
15:00–17:00 Men’s Clinic

Saturday 19th April
9:00 – 11:00 Shanghai vs China
11:00 -13:00 Women’s Clinic
13:00 -15:00 Women’s Exhibition Game
15:00-17:00 Game 3: HK vs Shanghai
17:00-19:00 Game 4: Korea vs China

Sunday 20th April
13:30–15:30 Game 5:Korea vs Shanghai
15:30-17:30 Game 6: Hong Kong vs China
17:30-19:30 HKU All Star Game
20:00 Closing Banquet

Monday 21st April
9:00 – 11:00 Game 7: Consolation Game
11:00-13:00 Game 8: CHAMPIONSHIP Game

There is also a women's clinic for all abilities: 

The women’s clinic will be run by experience FIL Clinician Coach Amy McCleary.
**Limited Number of Spots Available**

Date: Saturday 19 April, 2014
Time: 11:00-13:00
Venue: HKU Stanley Ho Sports Centre Pitch 2
Fee: HKD 150 (includes a free tournament tshirt)

Bank Transfer Payment to HSBC 658-089669-838
Scan Payment Receipt to with your name and date of transaction.
To complete the registration form, please go to

Any questions, please contact Gemini Fan at

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

bad, sad dog

Elsie was chastised for licking the floor. She reacted by wiggling her bottom while turning in circles and then crawled underneath where SB was sitting with her head peeking out between his legs. She looks so pathetic and sorrowful that it's  hard to discipline her with a straight face.

If I had known how much I would adore having these two monsters, I would have gone ahead and brought dogs home years ago against SB's wishes. For someone who didn't want dogs, he now spends a lot of time cuddling them and trying to get them to love him more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

everybody panic!!!

Today I woke up to the news that my passwords and the sensitive information stored behind them could be floating all over the internet thanks to the Heartbleed Bug. The New York Times is a good source to find out about this serious security flaw. As I was linking the pages, I thought to myself, these sites could be portals for someone to spy on me for all I know.  Society of the Spectacle strike again!

SB had a more real almost disaster yesterday when he came very, very close to being hit by a minivan while walking the dogs. A woman turned into the driveway that he was halfway through walking across and he had to jump out of the way, dragging the dogs off their feet. When the driver didn't even stop but proceeded to pull up to the gas station, he decided to have a conversation with her.

SB: You need to look before you turn; you almost ran me over
her: I did look, I saw you.
SB: If you saw me then why did you still turn and almost run me over? The only reason you didn't run me over is because I stopped and got out of the way.
her: I stopped too
SB: No you didn't, you drove right by me.
her: I turned on my turn signal (grabs turn signal stalk for emphasis)
SB: I don't care. That doesn't mean that you can just turn because you used your turn signal.
her: There was traffic behind me. I couldn't stop
SB: Yes you can. It's not the end of the world if you stop, they can wait.
her: I am sorry

SB told me that she was lacking in any sincerity and only apologized because she had run out of idiotic, illogical excuses for almost hitting a pedestrian.  Because how else do you explain running over a man and his dogs so that you don't have to slow down and inconvenience the traffic behind you? SB only resisted swearing at her because there were two children in the car listening to their mom justify driving her two ton vehicle into pedestrians.

This woman isn't the only person who doesn't seem to understand common safety. Like people who walk at the pace of sloths but stampede when exiting buses for fear of someone gaining some sort of advantage by exiting first, I have observed many drivers cruising slowly down the road only to swing wildly into parking garages in front of oncoming traffic, heedless of anyone on the sidewalk. I've also had a handful of taxi drivers pull their vehicles in front of me when I am trying to cross the street, though I think that they do it deliberately as an aggressive move rather than because they are oblivious morons. I still think about that time that my father ripped the wipers off a taxi that had pulled up too close to me when I was a child, and I wonder how long it will take before I show my heredity by doing the same. The dogs may have two new fetch toys before the end of the month.

Monday, April 7, 2014

hello, goodbye

This is by far the worst year as far as friends moving away from Hong Kong. Many, like my family used to be, are transient and their eventual moves were expected. Others are sad surprises. At least eight of my friends who are moving back to the US originally came here for only a couple of years but then their companies left them here, either because the US economy was unfavorable, or because the Asian economy was better than expected. Whatever the reasons, a lot of friends who have been here for five to eight years are now moving away en masse. Four of them are going to NYC while three others are going to LA.

When I complained years ago about making friends only to have them leave, I was told to befriend more locals. Ironically, the local girl who told me this is moving to Oz next month. And the local girl who became one of my favorite people is now engaged and moving to the US to marry one of SB's good friends. So we both lose. At least we have our doggies. They'll never leave us...we hope.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

sweet, sweet sugar

I am on day two of a low sugar, low carb experiment. My sister, who will give birth shortly, has cut down on her sugar intake. She's not really at risk for gestational diabetes but thought that she was getting out of control on her sugar intake. She isn't really craving sour or spicy foods like other pregnant women but she was going wild on candy and baked goods, and told me that sugar cravings affect the brain similarly to how drugs affect a brain. More to the point, I believe, is that her boyfriend has no impulse control around sweets and was polishing off the rest of the bag of cookies every time that she had one. So now she's pretty much deprived of sugar because he can't be trusted around it.

The reason that I am  now depriving myself of most carbs and sugars is that I am testing myself to see if I am a sugar addict. I know that SB is a carb addict and he similarly polishes off bags of cookies but he has a freak metabolism so he's allowed to indulge his addiction. I usually do not prefer pasta and bread over a nice, delicious, lamb chop but lately I had noticed a sharp increase in sweet indulgences, coinciding with when Francesca told me of the existence of Haagen Dazs salted caramel ice cream. And then there was that bag of laundry that clearly was left in the dryer for too long because all of the bottoms fit a bit too snugly.

In just two days I have come to a couple of realizations. First, I am craving sugar and carbs, although I am not sure if this is because of withdrawal of because I know that I can't have it so I want it. Second, I have noticed that my diet had been getting more and more pasta/bread centric because I was at a loss of what to make for dinner if it didn't include a massive helping of carbs. In the end I had chicken with veggies while SB had the same with a big side of pasta.  I stared at him the whole time, much like how the dogs stared at me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Microsoft releases Office Mobile

You can now download Microsoft Office for your mobile device here:

It's available for free, for iPhones, Android, Windows phones, and iPads. I'm not sure how much word processing I intend to do on my mobile phone but it's nice to have options. As for tablets, this is a game changer for me. I have been debating whether to get a tablet or a new laptop for SB for his birthday. I really wanted to get an iPad Air or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for him but a laptop would have been more practical since he does need an upgrade to his creaky, ten year old dinosaur that he is so attached to. He uses Excel frequently and Word regularly. Having the option of Office is probably going to make the difference in his birthday present.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

miss popularity

Due to my roles as a rugby player, coach, occasional referee and club administrator I usually can procure four tickets to the sevens. I could probably get more if I pushed it but that would be greedy and there are some players who can't even access one ticket, much less four. I feel that I am entitled to my tickets because of the large number of unpaid hours that I dedicate to the playing community year-round. I usually have decided early on who I will be giving my extra pair of tickets to but that doesn't stop many of my casual acquaintances from suddenly remembering to invite me to dinner and coffee around this time of year. I am very well liked by mid March and the sadly forgotten about by early April.

Sometimes SB and I will sell the pair for face value but often we will simply give the tickets away to someone who we feel is deserving and who probably can't afford the tickets. This makes us feel good about ourselves. We once gave away a pair to someone who sold them for a massive profit and that didn't make us happy at all. We know plenty of people who use their ticket entitlement to make a profit. Even though many are poor students, I still don't think that it is Kosher to do so. I was especially insulted when I found out that a friend in the finance industry won the right to purchase a pair of tickets in the public lottery and turned around and sold them for $5K. She's making twice my salary, for goodness' sake. And worse, she sold the tickets to a friend for that much. Our group of friends came down on her pretty hard for that. Some things should be sacred - like friendship and Sevens.