Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Rick Perry

How can someone with so little faith in the government be so certain about capital punishment?

234 authorized executions in Texas place you at numero uno of any governor in the history of the United States.

You say that you don't lose any sleep over that fact but I would be having nightmares over the death of Cameron Todd Willingham who was executed for the murder of his three daughters in a case of arson that was later reexamined by the Texas Forensic Commission and Craig Beyler, a fire scientist, and determined that no evidence existed to conclude arson was committed.
But you replaced the chair of the commission, who cancelled the meeting that would have finalized the conclusion that an innocent man was executed under your reign just before Beyler was to present his evidence to the commission.  You denied Willingham's family the peace of mind of knowing that the fire was a terrible accident and their son and husband was innocent but at least it kept your record clean.  Maybe someone who would make such a cynical move without qualms can sleep very well at night.

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