Thursday, September 29, 2011

into the hills

As the T8 warning seems to be holding, SB and I have decided to head out for a hike on the Dragon's Back.  I wonder if we will run into the T8 Harriers; one of SB's friends was going out to meet them for a noon hash.  And I really hope the warning won't get lifted because I'm not going back to the office at this point.  After having to pay the taxi driver $60 to take us from Happy Valley to the MTR, which is usually a $20 fare we are on our way.  SB loves these storms and is very excited to experience the wind from up above as well as view the ocean from down below in Big Wave Bay.  I am going because I don't trust him not to go swimming in dangerous waves.  We will probably stand at the headland and argue over just what constitutes a dangerous wave until one washes us both into the ocean.

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