Wednesday, September 21, 2011

packing it on before she packs it in

My coworker B was a wonder to behold over lunch today as I watched her attempting to stuff her face with a barbecue platter.  She is usually a healthy eater but she is a few weeks from giving birth to her first child and was undertaking desperate measures to catch up some weight.

For the entirety of her pregnancy B has only put on 13 pounds.  At last week's checkup she had only put on half of a pound from the previous week.  Despite this, the doctor claimed that the baby was 1.5 pounds bigger than the previous measurement and estimated it to be around 7.5 pounds.  I reassured B that I weighed 5 pounds when I was born so if the doctor was correct then it should be okay.  "So what is it?" she exclaimed to me, "If I only put on half a pound and the baby put on 1.5 pounds does that mean that I am malnourished?"

When she asked the doctor he laughed off her concern and remarked that it was a good thing because she wouldn't have to worry about all the weight she had to lose after giving birth.  Contrary to what the doctor thought, this answer did not please her at all.  B is not one of those vain women who diets or calorie counts during pregnancy though she appears to be one of those rare women who retain their perfect figures almost immediately after birth.  As much as she may enjoy that fact later, right now she would rather know that her progress is typical of other pregnant women and the variation is upsetting her.  Our other coworker is only ten weeks pregnant and has already put on ten pounds but is now avoiding telling B of her progress during B's final weeks.

For now we are treated to the sight of our small boned coworker constantly munching on snacks while looking like a snake who swallowed a bowling ball.

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