Thursday, September 22, 2011

sweet revenge and other just desserts

SB reminds me that correlation does not imply causation but there are high numbers of coincidences between activity with my phone provider and telemarketing activity.  Every time that I make a change to my service plan, whether it is to extend the contract or upgrade a service, I am inundated with annoying telemarketing callers within a week.  It is very irritating to know that China Mobile and other service providers are happy to sell my information to people who will call me during office hours and late evenings while I am also paying for the phone service that they are indirectly clogging up with unwanted calls.  I am especially irritated that some of the telemarketers call from unknown numbers because it would seem that my service provider doesn't care if it sells my info to disreputable and unethical companies.

Therefore it is with a smirk that I read a series of text messages that were recently sent to my phone from China Mobile, warning me of receiving unsolicited offers from another company to change service.  It appears that China Mobile sold off its customers' numbers to a competitor who is now asking us to switch over to a more enticing offer.  My disgust for my provider is tempered by my admiration for the cleverness of the competitor who was able to obtain a list customers by taking advantage of China Mobile's greed.  Not only do they have a high chance of offering a competitive deal due to knowing who we are all presently subscribed to but the competitor may actually be more careful about selling out our information considering how they got to us in the first place.

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