Monday, September 26, 2011

to the edge

SB brought his skates with him when he went home for the express purpose of getting them sharpened by Michelle at Ambis Industries but it was closed on the day that he drove through town.  As far as we know the quonset hut that houses Ambis is no longer used for any other metal works even though the equipment is still there.  Word of mouth is that no one had the talent for more complex metalwork after Mr. Ambis passed on but the family continues the tradition of skate sharpening a few times per week.  As a side note, boilermakers make a very healthy living these days due to their rarity.

Being committed to achieving the perfect edge, SB drove on for 57 more miles to McKie Sport Shop in Syracuse where his skates were ground and honed to his preferred radius and rocker contour.  When he arrived home, he had me stand in front of him while he gently and lovingly removed the purple, velour blade covers and unveiled the glorious sharpness of his skates.  So now I know what he was doing instead of picking up my engagement ring.  I wasn't sure if I should clap my hands in delight over the shininess of his blades or strangle him.

On Thursday night SB attended the draft for the upcoming hockey season at MegaIce.  He was drafted into the Div. 1 league as well as the newly inaugurated contact league.  For him this means that he will be allowed to check other players for the first time in years.  For me it means twice as much stinky gear drying in the entryway.  Ugh.  SB was instructing one of the new contact players on how to complete a check when I left the draft.  I have to give props to these young guys who have never played contact but are willing to take it on.  It was nice of him to offer advice rather than going Godzilla on them. 

SB did express pleasure at the thought of taking on one particular player who has been a bit of a teacher's pet (in this case a referee's pet).  The two of them played on the same team for the scrimmage before the draft.  According to SB their conversation went like this:

SB: I'm really disappointed that we're scrimmaging on the same team.  I was looking forward to hitting you.
Referee's Pet: There must be another reason why you're playing in this league.
SB: I'm sure there is; I just can't think of it right now.

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