Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(lowly) ode to the office printer

Was it something I did
Because I fell stupid,
And you are making angry noises
With your light flashing red.

I was stunned into silence
When you came through the door,
Pushed by four technicians
And rumbling across the floor.

Perhaps your double monitors
Are making me most anxious,
Or was Arup's acoustic engineer correct
That your vibrations cause us to feel nauseous?

As I stand here before you
Like a bug drawn to your (multiple) screens,
I wonder where to place my lowly drawing
On the alter of my new scanner/copier/printer machine?

1 comment:

Stasia Snellgrove said...

Your ode got me laughing hard! I have to admit, though, that office printers are almost always the object of criticism (or in this case, ridicule) in most offices. So were you able to figure out where to put your 'lowly drawing?' Hahaha

Stasia Snellgrove @ ALB Image