Tuesday, October 4, 2011

selective hearing and other small wonders

Last night I had to ask SB to fire up the water heater.  I was very excited by the cooler weather and convinced SB to sleep with the windows open.  We apparently were premature in our observations of autumn because at some point in the night SB woke up soaked in sweat and miserable.  I slept on, unaware of him as he was forced to close all of the windows, cover me in a blanket and turn on the A/C.  I only awoke briefly before dawn at the time when SB's metabolism plummets and he steals all of the sheets.  He does this every night.

In the course of our relationship we have both made adjustments for the sake of harmony.  One of the most effective adjustments for our mutual harmony has been in my sleeping habits.  I used to be a very light sleeper but now I sleep like the dead.  I have become conditioned to SB's snoring to the point of total oblivion. My parents complain to me about having to move to the guest room in the middle of the night due to each other's snoring and I wish that I knew how I changed into a deep sleeper. I could make mint teaching others how to sleep through anything.

I used to wake up several times every night to SB's loud, ever changing pitch.  I remember being groggy and grouchy in the morning because only one of us got more that a couple hours' rest.  I don't know if it was gradual or sudden but one day I woke up at our beach rental with X pounding on the door and asking if we had suffered any typhoon damage and I realized that not only did SB's snoring not wake me but a typhoon flooding our living room had no effect.  Now unless he has rolled over on top of me I will not wake up.  I wonder if I can turn on the temporary deafness when SB is whining at me for breakfast every Saturday morning.  That would be a fantastic adjustment.

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