Friday, October 7, 2011

yeah...I'll get back to you on that

I recently completed my annual appraisal with the supervisor.  At the second question in a questionairre that only Catbert could have written, regarding putting the company's interests above my own, Supervisor asked me about my extracurricular activities and I told him that I have a lot.  Like coaching children and participating year round in various sports.  Then he gave me a low mark.  Somehow I feel that he missed the point of the question.  It makes me wonder how much he deducted from the guy who participates in the company's charity racing team, basketball team and soccer team. 

SB told me that it isn't a laughing matter because the low marks could affect my professional development so I guess I will raise the issue and several others on my feedback form.  Including Supervisor giving me low marks for questions that were not applicable to my evaluation instead of leaving the question blank.

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