Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eriocheir sinensis

I tried hairy crab for the first time.  It did not start out promisingly as R and I, hairy crab virgins, tried to gnaw out the meat from spindly, little legs while A, hairy crab eater extraordinaire, kept raving to us about how great it was.  As I struggled with my legs I fell further and further behind until A caught R trying to ditch her insect-like legs so that she could get to the body faster.  Half an hour of struggle later I got to the good part.  I am now a hairy crab convert.  SB won't touch them; on his maiden voyage into hairy crab he broke out into large, red spots like a Holstein cow.  They stayed that was for a few days. 

I think he would be cute with large spots but I have blinders on.

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