Tuesday, November 15, 2011

help needed

We have a friend who has been in a funk for quite some time now.  Recently, and not for the first time, she went MIA for a long period of time and SB spent hours knocking on her door and searching for her in her neighborhood while I went to check that there were no police reports bearing her name.  Like SB and me, she has no family close by and as far as we can tell she has no established emergency contact here so we take it upon ourselves to check on her well being.

She used to work in the finance industry but quit her job when the stress became overwhelming.  She talked to headhunters on and off for a very long time but no job seemed to interest her.  In the meantime she talked about interest in the hospitality industry but has not attempted to actually pursue the interest.  Now, years later, we are worried.  SB, who is especially uncomfortable with conflict, has felt the need to intervene and she has agreed to let us pay for her to talk to someone.  So readers, I am asking for recommendations for counseling of a Western educated MBA who cannot see her future. 


SKreader said...

Try St. John's Counseling service - in Central.



Gary said...

Hi - I'd recommend contacting Dr Mark Gandolfi at St Johns Counselling Service:


I'm a qualified counsellor and have worked at St Johns. Mark and his team run a very professional service; they've dealt with many, many people in similar situations.

I wish your friend well.

Gweipo said...

Dr Peta McAuley. She helped me when I'd lost my way ... and her practice is rooted in mindfulness
if you email me at gweiposter at gmail dot com I can forward you her details
she doesn't often take on new clients and may be able to recommend someone else

architart said...

Thank you all for your responses. Crossing my fingers that we can find someone to work things out with her.