Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miss understood

I am entering my fourth year in Hong Kong and I am still unable to sort our my correspondences.  I am often addressed as a Mrs. not only by strangers but by friends and acquaintances.  People who know that SB and I are not married still refer to me as such which is perplexing.  Maybe they are indicating to others that I am in a relationship?  Or wishful thinking?  It is oh so awkward to correct my friends because I sometimes get the surprised look as though I am coming clean after allowing them to believe otherwise or I get the "oh, she's practically married," which seems to lead 50% of the people being introduced to ask about my future marriage plans.  Ugh.  And I can't get the right intonation when attempting to say, "No, I am not married," because it comes out as, "Noooo!  I am NOT married (in psychotically defensive voice)," or "No (forlorn sigh), I am not married (followed by sad and awkward silence)."  I am just stating a fact, people. 

Although in my tax return form, when I have to choose the Spinster(!) option I am sorely tempted to lie and choose Mrs.

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