Monday, November 28, 2011

muzzle it

On Sunday SB and I hiked from Aberdeen to Black's Link.  The trip took about three hours and provided scenic views out across the island.  The last part of the hike occurred around 5:30 pm and it seemed to be the magic hour for matching sets of dogs.  We passed a pair of German Shepherds, a pair of white and brown mutts, three Beagles and two Corgis.  The woman walking with the Beagles was chatting on her phone as her helper pushed a pram beside the dogs.  I was just thinking about how her voice was very regal when SB leaned over and whispered that her voice grated. 

The Beagles and Corgis were wearing muzzles, which was unusual until we began noticing signs warning about dog poisoners.  It is very sad that some sicko is out there harming our furry friends and I hope someone catches him and gets him the help that he very much needs.

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