Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm about to reveal something about myself to SB's family that I would rather not but I am doing it for a good reason: many, possibly most, of my friends are potheads and I partake also.  I have not smoked a bowl since meeting SB though I don't think he would care if I did.  I used to smoke with my friends but never more than a couple drags because I didn't enjoy the effects like they did and felt like I was wasting their money when they shared with me.  While I prefer a glass of wine or a Cosmopolitan (with very little cranberry juice) they would give up alcohol and cigarettes if only allowed to choose one vice.  Now there were occasions when smoking weed did do it for me like if I needed to relax and go to sleep after a grueling night in studio or on the trip to Puerto Rico when everything around us was magical. 

SB's family leans to the right, like mine.  SB and his sister have long suspected that SB's stepmother may believe that humans roamed the earth with dinosaurs or whatever it is that literal biblical scholars believe.  I am not excited to reveal my relaxed stance on recreational drug use but SB's father is still very uncomfortable with his chemo despite the heavy, legal narcotics that are prescribed to him and I overheard SB and his sister discussing marijuana for him.  They were interested in suggesting the option but then didn't know how to go about procuring it and there I was thinking, I know sooo many people who could hook dad up.  His father lives only 60 miles from Ithaca where I went to graduate school and I know several professors, a nurse, a mechanic and about a dozen hippies who would be more than happy to help him out.  We are about to have the conversation with his father about smoking pot.  If he is interested then I will be sharing more than I wanted to share but for a very good reason.  And I will probably forever be known as his pothead, future daughter-in-law.


Gweipo said...

So strange you post this. The mother of a very good friend of mine is riddled with pain despite very heavy doses of the most potent drugs available to mankind. I've suggested medicinal pot to him often, but the shame and stigma attached, not to mention the reputation of "recreational" drugs is such that she'd rather suffer the pain than let down her defenses and attitudes ...
It may be a generational thing - perhaps if someone of his age and condition were to approach the subject rather than you?

architart said...

Now that medicinal marijuana is available in a few states in the US it is more acceptable to talk about. It's just awkward when you talk about it with your in-laws.