Sunday, November 13, 2011

USS George Washington

SB and I are fascinated by big boats so we jumped at the chance to see the USS George Washington when it came to port.  We had toured the USS Carl Vinson at night so it was enjoyable to see the GW in daytime.  Unlike the other carriers this one is stationed in Japan and the crew live expat lives.  We had a nice chat with a young man who had been enlisted for only two months.  He was spending his shore leave by providing maintenance for the Crossroads and Salvation Army charities. This guy works six days per week on the ship, eight stories down in the engine room doing maintenance and we were greatly impressed that he would want to spend his free time doing even more maintenance work.  We are grateful to all the men and women who serve our country.


MaryMacnblack said...

My son is on this ship. We went to Japan last Christmas to be with him, as it was his first Christmas away from home and had the opportunity to see the ship while she was in maintenance mode. Not as glamorous as when she is at sea, but still really incredible. Thanks for the pix! I scour the internet daily looking for news of the GW and was happy to stumble across this.

architart said...

Please thank your son for serving from the bottom of my heart.