Monday, December 12, 2011

deck the halls with trolls and chorus

The rugby holiday party was this Saturday after our match.  A and R wanted to get ready at A's boyfriend's place but having seen their version of housekeeping I pushed to use the facilities at King's Park.  I was outvoted and off we went to a colony of apartments in Hung Hom.  It was a chilly evening so getting ready in a warm, albeit dusty, apartment may have been preferable to the drafty shower facilities at King's Park.  The boyfriend was kind enough to pretend to be taking a nap on the couch while we flitted around him in the living room.  I can only imagine how confused the neighbors must have been if anyone had looked into the large window and seen fully dressed man lying on the couch in apparent disinterest while surrounded by three nude women.

As we leaving we could hear really loud shrieks coming from one of the neighboring apartments.  A explained that one of the neighbors constantly engaged in very loud activities with his girlfriend.  "Not girlfriend," corrected A's boyfriend, "he hires hookers."  To which we responded with varying reactions from disgust (A: ewww!) to humor (R: haha, how much?) to intrigue (me: how do you know this?).  A's boyfriend somehow figured out who the neighbor was and while the details of the discussion remain murky, the neighbor voluntarily disclosed that he hires women who are vocal, thus why the noises in the hallway were similar even though the participants changed.  Interesting neighbors.  The only excitement in my neighborhood occurs when the couple down the hall get in a fight and start swearing in English.  They conduct all of their communication in Chinese except when swearing and then the hallway rings with, "F*ck youuuu!" and "No, f*ck youuuuu!"  I guess in Hung Hom it's the same, only a more literal event.

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