Monday, December 19, 2011

my rap

SB asked me why the iPod only seemed to have a couple NWA songs on it when he owned several albums that I had downloaded to my iTunes.  I am aware of the significant contribution that NWA provided to the history of rap and hip-hop but their misogynistic lyrics push my boundaries of acceptance.  That, and too many memories of that ex whose name rhymes with Moseph, who played lip synced their most outrageous lyrics to me in his car when he was angry and passive-aggressive.  "Punch the bitch in the eye, then the ho will fall to the ground (the rest is too graphic so you will have to look it up yourself)"

Of course I am aware of my hypocrisy as I happily play Jay-Z's 99 Problems (but the bitch ain't one).  But I own the Ipod so I am the arbiter of tasteful music.

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