Thursday, December 8, 2011

pot,meet kettle

The only times that I returned to the town where I went to high school were during spring break, and I usually passed the time in an alcohol enabled haze with my best friend.  Aside from her, I would occasionally meet up with one other friend or my old boyfriend.  I have not been back since 2006.  This is probably why I only now realized something interesting about my friends.

When I was in high school I became involved in a ridiculous love triangle, only it was more like a parallelogram.  My favorite boyfriend had previously dated my cross country teammate (I asked and received her blessing to begin dating him).  We eventually broke up and got back together for the next couple of years during which he added several more of my teammates to the mess along with a few of his friends.  With one exception we somehow all merrily muddled through our conjoined romantic messes.  Aside from the exception we are still friends.  While it seemed like the entire cross country team was tying itself in knots over bad boy surfer types there was one exception: teammate K.  Teammate K was planning to go to theology school and had no interest in joining our romantic entanglements.  She would just laugh at us as we shared our ridiculous exploits to her over lunch.

Now, years later, I saw teammate K in a picture with another friend and noticed a familiar last name.  After a few minutes of Facebook stalking discovered that teammate K has been married for several years to a man who was previously my homecoming date.  It was a memorable homecoming because I spent half an hour of it in the restroom consoling my date's ex-girlfriend and promising that I wouldn't sleep with him.  For all I know he was dancing with teammate K while I was consoling the ex. Apparently she wasn't as separate from the mess as she let on; she just was much more discreet than the rest of us.  I had no idea that they were interested in each other but now that I think about it they would have made a wonderful couple, both of them so sweet and caring.  And sneaky.  When I think of how she used to laugh at our shenanigans...that lovely hypocrite! 

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