Tuesday, January 31, 2012

slow news day

This morning while waiting for me to buy water for our hike, SB perused the news stand and found pictures of our friend, H, plastered all over a Cantonese tabloid magazine.  Apparently the tabloid trolled the Facebook page of a local model/artist and became interested in her friendship with H based solely on the fact that H looks like a tomboy.  The tabloid published pictures of the two of them, source unattributed of course, with some statements that mutual friends translated as hinting of a torrid, lesbian affair.  The pictures feature all sorts of compromising positions such as the two of them sitting with other friends in a restaurant and the two of them making peace signs at the camera.  One picture shows the two of them standing very closely together...under an umbrella.

I wondered about warning her that she had become famous but I didn't want to be the one ruining her day.  As we were returning from our hike I checked on my phone and saw that several friends had also seen the tabloid on their way to work and had commented on the snarky tone of underwhelming exposé. I wonder if anyone other than mutual friends bothered to buy a copy.

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