Thursday, February 16, 2012

delirious tremens

Last night SB dragged me and my gimpy ankle out to have dinner with another couple at Wooloomooloo, which is one of my favorite steakhouses in Hong Kong.  Who doesn't love a Tomahawk steak?  No, I didn't eat the whole thing but shared it.  I took the bone home for my neighbor's dog but unfortunately his owner says that he has food possessiveness issues.  So now I have a giant bone in my freezer while I look for the right pooch to share it with.

We had such a good time that SB and I didn't return home until midnight and finally made it to bed at 1am.  An hour later, I was still awake and cursing the server who had likely forgotten that my order was for decaffeinated coffee.  Of course I had to share the misery and woke SB to complain that I was wide awake and jittery.  He grunted in an attempt at empathy and flopped over.  And so I was left to stare at the ceiling in wakeful misery.  I was so caffeinated that I imagined feeling the floor shake a bit like how it does when the site next door is doing piling works.  As it turns out, I may have actually felt the 4.2 magnitude earthquake that shook Hong Kong last night.  Who knows.

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