Monday, February 20, 2012

one in 300 million

I come from a country of over 300 million, forecast to grow to 400 million in the next twenty years.  I have managed to believe that out of this vast population I am unique.  And yet despite my assertion that I am special I need to also believe that I am of similar mindset to others.  I read about things, political things, that occur in my beloved country and my blood boils.  It would be devastating to think that I am alone in my mindset.  I cannot accept that all of the 150+ million women feel differently from me on the decisions that the overwhelmingly male legislators are making concerning my rights.  How is it that SB's insurance company would cover Viagra while mine won't cover my contraceptive pills?  Has anyone seen the population forecasts for our country?!

My glimmer of hope is in regard to my other beliefs that seem to be opposite of what many of my elected government officials believe.  I have seen some of my most conservative friends change their stripes upon discovery, almost a decade out of university, that homosexuals are not quite the scourge of the earth and that they have been associating with gay friends and coworkers for years.  I recently read an email from a small town Texas Republican who shared that upon hearing of Whitney Houston's death, she was able to call her best friend and know that he was sitting in front of his television watching a video reel of her most popular songs and crying also.  That glimmer of hope keeps me pushing ahead until the time comes when my generation takes control.  And then I will find out if I am one of 400 million.

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