Sunday, February 5, 2012

our light in the darkness

I remember a conversation with two of my university girlfriends over a decade ago.  We bright and shining beacons of enlightenment were discussing our future plans, how we foresaw glorious careers in our chosen fields and whether we had time (or interest) for families.  One of the girls stated that with so many poorly educated women having multiple babies, it was her obligation to procreate so as to even out society.  We thought that she was insightful.

It is amazing how often the words you eat are the ones that you thought were the most meaningful.  Well, actually I may avoid the largest slices of humble pie as I have no children to show me how insignificant I am.  The other two are mothers of small children.  They have discovered that despite the elite education and smugness, they are just as dysfunctional as anyone else.  No amount of education or preparation has given them the ability to conquer these pink, squalling, puking bundles.  Imagine that, being brought low by something that is nothing more than an uncoordinated body attached to a giant head.  I wonder if there are other species in the animal kingdom who manage to survive and reproduce despite repeated dumbness.

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