Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have broken my own word.  I told SB years ago that we were never, ever, ever going to get a video gaming system.  I didn't mind going over to Shoils' home and watching SB and company go wild on Guitar Hero, followed by awkward pelvic thrusts to Dance Dance Revolution.  I hardly batted an eye when he enthused over his (much) younger brother's realistically gory PS3 games.  But our home was to remain an oasis of tranquility.  The problem was that SB is not a tranquil kind of guy.  While I am curled up with my Kindle he is playing music (loudly) or watching a sporting or scientific event on the television.  Then I started realizing his viewpoint and came to the conclusion that I was a snob- a horrible, snooty snob.

Here I was, denying him a very enjoyable mode of entertainment while I wasn't denying myself anything.  There were some evenings when I would be so into the story on my Kindle that I ignored him.  Often he had to put on the headphones and make do so that I could enjoy the silence.  I was being unfair.  Worse, there was no compromise because as the techy person in our home, I controlled all access to electronics. 

So this past Christmas I bought him a Nintendo Wii system.  I exerted my techy control (though he will never know it) by purchasing a system that focuses more on non-violent entertainment.  It is not as though there are no violent games; you can play Resident Evil on the Wii, but the majority of available games seem to be centered on more wholesome fun.  For example, the Mario Kart game that is only available on Nintendo systems or in arcades.  SB loves it. 

Sb has gone home to visit his family for a couple of weeks and I have been buying more games for his upcoming birthday, which he can receive in the States and bring home.  I purchased a handgun, rifle, and pistol along with several hunting games (big game and birds) so that he can sit on the couch and shoot things (without gore) while I read my Kindle. 

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