Tuesday, March 6, 2012

chin up

So we lost our ninth final in a row on Saturday.  We lost due with a controversial penalty at the last minute.  Again.  My ankle and other circumstances meant that I did not play.  Our fantastic fullback broke her nose in the semifinal and did not play.  The other team's fullback flew in from Australia just for the match.  It was that much of a big deal for us.  I can't really say much more.  Blah

Especially blah was that my good friend's husband spent the entire weekend on a bender and thought it was funny to tell me what a loser I was right after the match.  I managed to fake a chuckle, because I could see the humor in it...at a later date.  But luck was not on my side this weekend and somehow he decided that he was really funny and repeated it.  A lot.  Then the next day when I was returning from a rugby community event I ran into him outside of the local pub and he announced to some random people that I was a loser.  This time I could only manage a grimace.  Har har har.

At least I had three hours of cuddling little children and running around with a rugby ball at the community event.  Maybe these kids will grow up to play for us and win that damn trophy. 

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