Thursday, March 15, 2012

fun for some of us

I picked up my Sevens tickets from the club yesterday.  Usually I would be sharing my giddiness about it but I have to put a lid on my joy this time around because of the large number of friends who have been unfruitful in procuring their own tickets.  Each year it gets more difficult and the price is beginning to soar.  I have heard that there are so many corporate seat reservations that it will be difficult to find space in the lower decks.  I will probably have to get up very early to squat my seat and without SB for company since he will likely be heading for the South Stand with the boys and I just can't force my body to do it this year. 

For those who haven't been lucky in procuring tickets, I would urge you to view the Women's Sevens, which is free and will take place at HK Football Club on Friday and Saturday of the Sevens weekend.  I have watched the women every year since I have been here and it gets better and better.  I am not exaggerating on this point; the competition has expanded from a mostly Asian event with the occasional American, NZ and Australian showing to also include France, Canada, England, Russia, Tunisia and the Netherlands.  I have always had prime seating since the event is woefully under-appreciated.  That's right, great seats and no beer queue.  And the Dutch women have legs that go on for miles. 


Jamie said...

Thanks for the suggestion for the women's games! We may pop over there for a little while on Saturday.

We got tickets - but only because the girls are playing for Sandy Bay. We will be going and sitting early ... you are welcome to sit with us, if all else fails!

architart said...

I may only be at the women's sevens on Friday but if you are in HK Stadium on Saturday...

I thought about procuring tickets with Sandy Bay as well as the club that I play for but I heard that some of the minis wouldn't be getting tickets so I didn't. I'm glad that your girls got them. Too bad you're moving because I will probably move over to coach girls colts next season.