Tuesday, March 20, 2012

lost in translation

My friend Rose is on the Hong Kong national rugby team.  She is half Chinese and speaks almost fluently but cannot quite read characters.  On the other hand, SB can read characters, but only in Putonghua which doesn't help Rose with Cantonese translations.  Rose was written up on in the local paper and sent a message to our rugby team (mostly made up of local girls) for help in translation.  The girls told her to try using Google translate or Babelfish.  This is the result:

Original: Rose回流港隊經驗搭夠


曾是英格蘭U20代表,經歷無數大小戰役,Rose稱這些經驗是她最寶貴的「武器」:「外國運動員打法進取,也講究體能,而且個個都很高大,令場上走動的 空間相對較少。過去經驗有助我面對比我們更『大份』的選手。」她稱今次首度為港出戰七欖,最令人振奮的是有機會在「爆棚」的大球場比賽,如果她們真的達成 目標,呼籲各位到時不要吝嗇打氣聲!

Translation: The Rose backflow port team experience builds 夠 Fang Xiao who is born in Britain blue (Rose), daddy is the Chinese, mother is the blue bonnet, although has the foreigner semblance, but actually has a Hong Kong heart. Once was selected English U20 army's she to be possible to choose originally represents the British team, but last year summer vacation actually backflow Hong Kong made a long stay, and decided that joined “the port olive”, this was selected for the first time 7 person of matches, its experience, the technology 絕 to could 夠 the enhancement port team battle efficiency. Once was selected the British U20 heart was the hometown Rose semblance “Britain”, is actually the percentage hundred people of Hong Kong, holds Hong Kong ID card and the special zone passport, can speak a fluent Cantonese. Rose expressed that port team coach solicited support her to join last year, therefore chose participates in the team: “he said that leaves port olive's long-term important matter, Hong Kong's facility is also getting more and more perfect, in the future will develop optimistically, moreover here will be my hometown, very wants to represent this place to compete.” Once was English Representative U20, the experience innumerable size campaign, Rose said that these experiences are she are most precious “the weapon”: “the foreign athlete fighting method is enterprising, is also fastidious about the physical ability, moreover each one is very big, makes the space which on the field takes a walk to be relatively few. In the past experienced was helpful me facing compared to us 'the big share' the contestant.”She said that this goes to battle with seven olives for the first time for the port, most exciting has the opportunity in “the full house” big field competition, if they really achieves the goal, appealed that each do not inflate the sound parsimoniously at the appointed time!

I am assuming that they are writing about how Rose used to play for England U20 and England A but who knows. And papa was a rolling stone.

Personally, I think Rose's secret weapon is her uncanny ability to obtain black eyes (three this season) that are so grotesque that our opposition, thinking of their own pretty, soft faces, run screaming from the pitch.

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