Friday, April 13, 2012

60th Taipan Challenge 2012

Hong Kong Football Club has partnered with the fabulously British Jack Wills for the annual Taipan Challenge.  This year there are going to be post match festivities and a party at the Jack Wills Causeway Bay shop starting at 7pm. 

Usually the match involves a Gentleman's Team and a Football Club Taipan team.  A's boyfriend tells us that this year the match will be between the Taipan team, of which he will be a part of, and the Chairman's XV (the HKRFU national team and training team).  The Jack Wills Facebook page states that they are introducing the Alumni University Match, Oxbridge Students Vs Ivy League Students, which is similar in format to the New Year's challenge between HK based secondary school students and overseas students (i.e. boarding school kids).

I suspect an uneven score for the alumni match unless it is a women's match; other than Dartmouth, the Ivy men's rugby teams aren't strong but the women's teams, especially Princeton, Brown and Cornell, have had strong squads over the years.  Anyway, it would be nice to meet other Ivy grads who play rugby.  I only know of two women who went to Cornell and Princeton, and the Princeton woman has since left but she was a shrew anyway; SB had the unfortunate experience of being on a junk trip with her and she was so narcissistic that she thought that most of the other men were hitting on her.  So naturally she showed what a glorious creature she was by rolling her eyes and looking down her nose at the mortals who made the mistake of attempting friendliness.

In other news, SB is still waiting for his invitation to play.

Actually, he isn't.  He is playing in the ice hockey professional league's final tomorrow night at 8pm.

When: 14 April, Saturday
Where: Hong Kong Football Club, 3 Sports Road, Happy Valley
Free Admission
Minis begins from 8am
Under 12's tournament from 1145
Under 16's play at 2pm
Universities game at 3pm
Under 19's at 4:15
Mansergh Cup at 6pm

Jack Wills is providing live entertainment from midday along with DJ Reflex.

Jack Wills Proud Partners Of The Taipan Challenge from Jack Wills on Vimeo.

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