Sunday, April 29, 2012


SB told me that he failed to exercise rage control the other night.  He has no problem with rage but he thinks that I sometimes need to dial back my sporting aggression.  We use the word "puppies" when he sees signs that I may lose my mind.  Apparently I am not supposed to tell nice people that I just met that their teammates are wretched and then threaten to commit battery if said teammates "accidentally" punch me again.  I also forgot to mention that this nice young lady has several teammates that I really like.  Puppies.

Last night we also went to Makumba, an African, live music club in the mid-levels.  The music reminded me very much of the music that Paul Simon started working with after his S&G days.  They have samples of their music on the website.  And the food was fantastic.  Who doesn't like fried plantains and lots of meaty finger foods?  There was dancing, drinking, snacking and limbo.  Yes, limbo. 

SB's boarding school classmate was visiting as well as my undergrad friend and our day included yum cha in Causeway Bay, a stop at G.O.D., a visit to the Henessey rooftop bar, the Wanchai market, checking out some architecture and haunted houses, curry in Chungking Mansions, watching women's lacrosse, and African live music.  We will be hard pressed to top this experience for the next 24 hour visit.

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