Tuesday, April 10, 2012


SB and I went to an Easter/Passover luncheon at the home of M, who hosts most of our group's get togethers since she has the largest kitchen.  I like the inclusion of Passover in the celebration because we end up eating lamb instead of some godawful boiled ham.

I often visit M's complex to pick her up when we go out because it is on the way out of the valley.  The doormen all know her and most of them recognize me.  They usually wave me in but this Sunday SB and I were stopped at the reception and requested to fill out forms identifying ourselves and where we were going.  Then we had to ring M from the lobby for approval to enter.  I half expected the doormen to take some samples of my hummus, veggie side dish, and almond cake for testing.

M's husband met us at the door, rolling his eyes in exasperation.  Their complex was built by SHK and apparently the penthouse of one of the complex's towers is the rent free abode of a certain notorious individual who is out on bail.  While he resides in his company sponsored digs, security has been ramped up to ensure that no one is lurking around his front door with a recorder tucked into an innocuous looking roasted chicken.

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