Sunday, May 27, 2012

lessons in futility

We have been going on rounds for a couple of weeks with PCCW.  Our problem is that we expect a level of customer service like we had back home.  Their problem is that they are unable/unwilling/disinterested but they can't get rid of us.  We pay for a guaranteed minimum of 3 megabytes per second but we have been getting under 1.2.  The technician who came to our home told us that the contract actually stated (in fine print) that they only needed to guarantee 80 percent of the 3 that they advertised.  We pointed out that even without a calculator we could see that 1.2 was less than 80 percent of 3.  Then the technician informed us that the internet was being split between the two computers in the home.  We shut off my computer and ran the internet speed test again.  1.12 mps.  Then he told us that our Now TV was tied to the cable and that our internet was slower when the television was going. Then while we were scratching our heads he announced that this was an administration issue and left.

Well, wait a minute, we thought.  We have two separate contracts for Now TV and Netvigator. How are they able to charge us for two separate services and only deliver enough for each to only work one at a time?  So we have been on the phone with PCCW repeatedly trying to resolve the problem.  We have offered that we will be satisfied best if they actually deliver what we are paying for.  Otherwise we told them that we felt that they should reduce our bill to 40 percent, which is the service that we are currently receiving.  The service representative only replies by offering to upgrade our contract (why do we want to pay more when we aren't getting what we pay for now?) or repeating the same line about our TV and internet sharing the same connection, which leads to the same talk about how we are paying for two separate services that they are under-delivering and have been for years.  And then she offers another great upgrade package that will solve everything if we only pay more.

Are we wrong here?


Anonymous said...

How are you testing the line speed? No ISP anywhere in the world that I'm aware of guarantees specific speeds beyond the edge of their network (it would be madness to do so since the public internet is a best efforts, no guarantees environment), and I'm not aware of any means of speed testing a link within the Netvigator network.

If you read the T&Cs that you signed up to you will certainly not see any mention of guaranteed speed.

In practice, my nominal 30Mbit/s down, 10Mbit/s up Netvigator connection gets me 24Mbit/s down and 9Mbit/s up when testing to the HK test site at which I'm reasonably happy with.

architart said...

The Netvigator technician was using to test it and he was the one who told us that we were guaranteed at least 80 percent of 3 megabytes so we are leaving it to them to figure out. What we care about is that for the past month we haven't been able to load simple web pages to completion; we get those image boxes instead of images. I don't know why it makes sense to them that we would go for an upgrade when we aren't getting what we originally paid for.