Friday, June 15, 2012

get away quickly

Oftentimes it is comforting to spend Friday evenings at the local pub with our eclectic group of neighbors but sometimes it begins to seem repetitive and then suddenly I look up and see a bunch of barn animals, myself included, braying at their own wit.  And then I have to get away.

I enjoy my friends at the pub greatly but once in a while SB and I skip the bar stool and go tramping up into the hills.  We like to stand on top of the small reservoir above Happy Valley and look down at the bright lights and peaceful valley.  Once we ran into some Slovenian tourists who had brought along a flask.  They claimed that this was typical hydration for their countrymen.  So in the end we spent Friday evening having a nip with some eclectic neighbors.

SB and I would like to try other activities for Friday nights.  Readers, what other options are there to open up the weekend?

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