Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After the rain: Parkview to Tai Tam

Last week on our way to Shek O, SB glanced out of the window and saw a lot of water coming down from one of the dams in Tai Tam.  I was then roused from my slumberous state and given a farewell that I barely registered before he had pressed a button and hopped from the bus.  I proceeded to Shek O alone.

Here is the view that compelled him to propel from me.

This weekend he convinced me to go on a hike to see the reservoir.  We headed up to the Parkview from our home in Happy Valley, which is in my opinion more miserable and strenuous than the actual hike, and set off on our way. 

We ran into some other hikers people on a bridge who were wearing attire that seemed poorly conceived for a hike.  Sure enough, we observed then leaping from the bridge into the beautiful water of the reservoir.  I was in one of my skittish moods about plunging our grubby bodies into the drinking water supply although SB played devil's advocate and debated the overall lack of impact that our sweat would have on the large body of water.  Poor SB was forced to observe their joy from the sidelines although I allowed him to fill his water bottle and he said that the water was delicious if not as refreshing as it would have been after a dip.

We have a GPS device that we have used often in the deep woods of the Adirondacks back in New York but we hardly ever think to use it here.  This time I brought it along to see the elevations that we covered.  I should have turned it on from Happy Valley instead of the Parkview.  SB wants to do a high peak when we go home but I am wary about our fitness. 

The device readings are in the US system, by the way.  The speed is measured in minutes per mile.

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