Monday, July 23, 2012

let the sunshine in

Yes, yesterday I was going on about the hot, sweltering weather and today when everything has cooled down, I am hoping for the sunshine to return.  I just can't be satisfied.  Or maybe we are going to the States for a month and I really, really don't want anything to delay my flight.  Otherwise I would loving this weather.

Our visitor from Taiwan made it out of Hong Kong while the signal was still only a T3.  We had to brave the rain to pick up dan tats (egg tarts) from Tai Cheong Bakery.  He brought them home on a previous trip and his family is addicted.  He fears for his life if he does not come home with a box.  Now we have also added a box of char siu bo lao bao (bbq pork pineapple buns) from Tim Ho Wan.  I suspect another addiction will be forming.  He will have to travel home from his business trips encumbered with more and more bags of baked goods.  We have requested sun cakes from Taiwan on the next voyage here.  I wonder if Taipei has a doughnut shop...

SB and I hung around Central for most of the afternoon to buy gifts to take home.  Between both sides of my family there are only four cousins, and only one of us has reproduced while SB's family is large and still growing.  SB's youngest sister has recently graduated from high school and I was thrilled to discover that this occasion coincides with Shanghai Tang's massive summer sale.

We got around to trying the coffee at Fuel in the IFC.  I think that the Rabbit Hole is still the best coffee that I have had in years but Fuel is pretty damn good.  The coffee got us on the right foot for the trek home.  While sipping our brews we saw a friend's posting of the queues at the Exchange terminal and decided to walk home instead.  The walk took about an hour instead of forty minutes because we chose to scurry along the elevated walkways from the IFC to the New World builiding instead of taking a more direct approach out of Central.  I was very impressed with how far we made it under cover.  Meanwhile our friend reported that she was still at the same bus stop and that the buses in front of her had not moved for fifteen minutes.  I feel bad for everyone who is waiting to go home.

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