Saturday, August 4, 2012

every day, a different view

Every time I am on the dock of the boathouse, the view is different.  I have hundreds (literally) of pictures capturing this view at all times of day, during all weather conditions.  As I am typing this, a family of Mergansers is paddling by and I am out of reach of the camera.  SB and I have been traipsing all over the woods nonstop but I know that I can get a small rest if I can lure him to the boathouse.  I sometimes need the rest since I have had four years of a much more sedentary life in Hong Kong.  In the week that we have been here, we have whipped around the lake in the sunfish, in a guide boat, in kayaks, on canoes, and on windsurfers.  I am probably not going skulling this summer.  I am a wretched skuller.  SB prefers the speed of the windsurfer while I prefer the beauty of the Adirondack guide boat.  

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