Thursday, August 16, 2012

gin and juice

I didn't pack any perfume on this trip because I was going to be in the woods for the majority of the time and I don't wear fragrances all that much anyway, even though I love my Prada L'eau Ambree.  I bought the Ambree for the purpose of having a more casual scent than the Samsara, which I previously wrote about.  So of course SB and my flight had to be delayed due to storms and we were rerouted several times before arriving in NYC more than 36 hours after we embarked on our journey.  We were no longer fresh and fluffy but rather stale (at best) and sour (at worst).  I was about to meet his childhood friend and neighbor, Molly, and I was not thrilled at my condition.  With no showers in sight I rushed to the duty free perfume area and began searching for a tester that didn't smell like potpourri.  I found my Ambree's more popular cousin, Infusion d'Iris but decided to peruse a few more scents before deciding.  That is when I found an intriguing scent.

The Voyage d'Hermes that I was sniffing was very unusual and crisp.  It seemed to be a very familiar scent to me and evoked memories of sailing with Aunt Jane and Uncle Jon, or more specifically, of the gin and tonic with a squeeze of lime that was never far from reach when sailing with Aunt Jane and Uncle Jon.  "What do you think?" I asked SB as I waved the tester under his nose.  He is very picky about perfumes and doesn't like a lot of scents but he liked this one.  "Does this smell like Bombay Sapphire to you?" Yes it did, he agreed.  I walked around the shop some more but I kept coming back to sniff my gin and tonic scent.  In the end I chose it for my hippie bath.  I would have purchased it but apparently you can only purchase duty free on departure.  Only later did I wonder if I wanted to meet Molly smelling like gin, albeit very fine gin with a twist of citrus.

When I looked it up online, I found out that this is a unisex fragrance. It is not supposed to evoke any type of nostalgia but is supposed to "call to you" rather than remind you.  According to the Hermes website, Voyage is a contradiction: "Voyage d'Hermès is lively and reassuring, new and familiar. Radiant and soft, it is a woody fresh, amber scent. A fragrance to share for both men and women."

Notes: citron, bergamot, coriander, ginger, artemisia, cardamom, black pepper, tea, birch, white musk, amber and cedar. I would like to add my own observation of citrus as well.

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