Friday, August 31, 2012


Ole!  There are many things in Tucson that I enjoy.  I enjoy the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and its live exhibits of birds of prey, reptiles and desert nightlife.  I like hiking in the foothills and washes.  I really like visiting the Kit Peak National Observatory.  Of course, I like doing all of these things when it isn't summer in the desert.  Summer in Tucson is miserable.  Inhabitants, human or otherwise, are forced to hide indoors until the setting sun allows them to slink outside to gather food and hydration.  If my grandparents weren't there I would have skipped the visit and asked my parents to visit me elsewhere.  As it was, they left for Colorado a few days after my arrival.

The one highlight of my visit was the trip to the Mexican supermarket.  I LOVE Mexican food, especially the stuff that they don't sell in fancy, gringo restaurants.  I love all the combinations of sweet and sour snacks.  I love all the ways to cook difficult cuts of meat.  And I really, really love all of the funky salsas.

I apologize for the photo quality but all I had was my camera phone.

 pastries from  the in-house panaderia

dried fruit, nuts and candies in front of a large selection of fresh chiles 

 Mexican candy!  I love every version of dulce de leche

 dozens and dozens of canned chiles

 agua fresca: fruit juice in many flavors

homemade tortillas in all shapes and sizes

Not from the supermercado.  This is the view of my parents' former snack cabinet. 
No wonder I freaked out on the candies.

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