Saturday, August 11, 2012

there she blows

I have just returned to camp after spending two very, very, very long days in an outlying camp with SB, his youngest sister, his other sister, her husband, and their three children.  Oh yes, and three dogs.  One dog is his sister's 7 month old, neurotic but well trained rescue dog and the other two are the most horrible poodles that you could ever meet.  I will post the story later but right now I can't think about those two days without feeling like a pressure cooker about to boil over.

The weather was perfectly sunny for the time that we were at the outlying camp but this is the Adirondacks and things can change on a dime.  It is now windy and raining heavily.  I paced the dock while a lightning storm rolled through and then finally I headed out in the sunfish for a nice, quiet, solo journey.  Just me and the loons.  Finally, peace.

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