Friday, October 19, 2012

it's a jungle out there

My friend Mike, who is not known for his grace and agility, broke his ankle tripping over a metal railing that was only shin high and placed in front of his bus stop for no apparent reason.  He had experienced a couple of incidents with this nefarious shin guard in the past and had become wary, but sadly he had forgotten about it as he was rushing to catch the bus.

I should have had Mike's downfall in mind when I was navigating my own stretch of Hong Kong's concrete jungle because less than five minutes into my errand I was hopping around on one foot.  Luckily I am better off than Mike in terms of grace and agility.  I even managed to hop on one foot while writhing in pain and swearing.

It seems that someone decided to remove the railings between the pedestrian area and the street along Blue Pool road.  This someone also decided that only one post needed to be ground to street level and left the other one protruding out of the ground.  I decided that Halloween is still too far away to be posting a photo of my mangled layer of skin but I assure you that it is a fright.  Even more frightful was the look on my face when I realized that my leather flats had a long gash along the entire side.  I just bought those shoes in July!

What kind of workmanship is that?!

After that I hobbled slowly along my way to my destination in So Kon Po, ever vigilant for other hazards.  I had to document these two beauties along the way.

Who needs a boundary peg when you can just stick a nail in the concrete in the center of the pavement?  Just paint the divot around it blue so people can see it.

 This new development at 1 Ventris road has concealed the unsightly, torn up sidewalk with a red carpet.  Or maybe this is on purpose as a clever marketing ploy for people to stumble into their lobby, which is conveniently located adjacent to the hazard.  Salesmen wait for their prey just beyond the doorway and then pounce, confident that the turned ankles will prevent escape.

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