Friday, October 12, 2012

lower than low

There are bad people and then there are those bad people.  It is stomach turning to hear about persons who take advantage of vulnerable citizens and Joyce's recent posting regarding Ted Thomas' sticky fingers in regards to Clare Hollingworth's savings generates much disgust.  What kind of person loots the bank account of a centurion, I asked myself.  Mr. Thomas has his own blog if you want to find out.  You will have to find it yourself since I won't be directing any traffic his way.  In case you are wondering, he doesn't appear to be remorseful about those HK$2.2 million that haven't been paid back despite a court ruling.

I would like to thank Joyce for writing about Ms. Hollingworth.  One of my favorite recollections is the delightful shock I experienced in my younger days of talking to my neighbor, who had been a paratrooper, and realizing that I was getting a first hand account of the contents of my 20th century history reader.  Living relics should receive similar treatment as national treasures, in my opinion.

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Private Beach said...

In Japan, the government officially honours great artists and writers as "Living National Treasures".