Tuesday, November 13, 2012

moral obligations

Before I entered Texas A&M, my uncle, a proud Texan, felt obliged to explain the difference between conservatives and liberals to me.  In the simplest terms, liberals hold individual rights as the most important virtue, followed by obligation to the country and then obligation to God.  Conservatives inversely believe that God is the most important factor of all, followed by obligation to our country and that individual needs are the last consideration.  My uncle advised me not to debate about which set of beliefs was correct, but to accept the viewpoints of liberals and conservatives to better understand their mentality.  My uncle was all too aware that his idealistic, left leaning niece was entering one of the most conservative universities in the nation.  His advice paid off; I thrived at school despite holding almost entirely opposite views from my friends.

I believe that David H. Petraeus is the best man to lead the CIA despite having had an extramarital  affair.  I think that it's a shame that he had to resign but the military institution espouses conservative beliefs.  Honor, integrity and loyalty are part of the foundation that the men and women who serve our country are built up upon. Petraeus believed in these virtues and has lost his position for violating them.  According to the conservative values, failure in morality means that you are no longer honorable or trustworthy.  I don't agree but I understand.

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