Wednesday, November 14, 2012

work in progress

Several weeks ago I was flipping through the complimentary newspapers on offer during brunch at my favorite local pub when I glanced at the political cartoon.  Hey, I thought, that looks a lot like my old boss!  Then I read the accompanying commentary and discovered, that the subject was indeed my former director.

source: SCMP

I will admit some surprise that an architect was chosen to be the Secretary for the Environment but then again, he has vast experience in issues relating to ventilation and building related matters, which I think make up the majority of Hong Kong's environmental concerns.  Or at least its addressable issues since we have limited means to affect pollution that is carried over in the air or by sea onto our shores.  K.S. has been a long time collaborator with other environmental experts and has co-authored many studies regarding mitigation measures and building standards.

In the waning days of my tenure at the old firm the highlight of my week was not so much the design work but when I was asked to look over various abstracts and presentation materials for him.  The papers appealed to the part of me that also pursued a planning degree.  In a career that more often than not had to cater to wealthy clients and unscrupulous developers it was refreshing to know that my studio's director was a good man.  

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