Thursday, December 20, 2012

fir your health

I have been enjoying the wonderful scent of fir that permeates the air from the nursery selling Christmas trees opposite to the Happy Valley racecourse entrance, as well as when I pass various flower shops and wreaths adorning businesses.  If only I could get my hands on some mistletoe.  Other favorite Christmas scents include mulled wine, hot cider (I have been making this every other morning), peppermint, and brandy.  

The other day in the grocery store I was given a sample of sparkling lemonade.  I almost spit it out when the taste that hit my tongue was not only the delicious, tangy citrus taste but something that reminded me of furniture polish.  I then looked more closely at the display and discovered that my sample was fir flavored.  I was not aware that you could consume fir sap.  I have also never consumed pine/fir scented furniture polish but as soon as the lemonade hit my mouth, that is what I thought of.  

The lemonade part of the drink was not bad.  The drink comes in fancy glass bottles.  Other "flavors" include something with what I suspect were real gold flakes, fruits, and a range of lemonade mixed with wine.  Interesting.  The sample lady told me that the fir lemonade was good for my health.  I should have asked her how so.  Regardless, it smelled like holiday happiness in a bottle even if the taste wasn't quite the same.

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