Sunday, December 2, 2012

getting into the spirit

This morning I woke up chilled and so tonight I will finally be using my duvet, which makes me happy because it is starting to feel a bit more like winter, or at least a tropical facsimile of winter.  SB of course is still in t-shirt and shorts with the windows wide open.  He claims that it's only chilly because I just got over being sick.  I lost half a kilo over the past week so SB won't be receiving any awards for his nursing or lack thereof.  I would have called cousin Shoils but she's pregnant so I was left with my only other option.  Acquiring chicken noodle soup from my a partner with ADHD meant receiving a phone call from the grocery store because he forgot the shopping list followed by a long wait for the soup to cook because he got distracted watching the football game.  But he made the appropriate noises of sympathy and acknowledgement of my misery carried a lot of weight.

I played in the rugby match for my team last night even though I was still feeling a bit under the weather but I needed some activity and it was the last match before a long winter break.  Next weekend is the club's holiday party followed by a month of cheery activities.  Maybe it was a good thing that I starved for the past week.

In the next few days I will be dragging down ornaments and attacking the windows like a jolly elf to prepare our home for the holiday spirit.  Right now, even the air smells right.  Every time I'm on a tram out of the valley we pass a nursery that has recently started selling fir trees.  The scent of fir is amazing.  I wish that I could buy the scent.  I tried an essential oil last year but it ended up smelling like disinfectant.

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