Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry, merry

We had our rugby club holiday party last night.  Fun was had by all in a relatively trouble free way with the exception of the moron who swiped the golf cart and broke the boom gate to King's Park.  He is about to become a CCTV star, albeit a poorer one once he gets the bill for his shenanigans. 

Finding the correct venue fell into SB's hands and the effort was carried out in a method similar to how Goldilocks chose her accommodation.  We wanted a place that would provide a party befitting rugby players as well as our supporters, that was at an affordable price, and would be enjoyed by all of our club's population cohorts.  We needed beer for the antipodes and Brits, wine for the Frenchies, and a buffet for the Chinese.  We got a surprisingly good price quote from Azure in the Hotel LKF but felt like it was too nice a venue.  If anyone is looking for a place to host a large party for normal people I would recommend calling Azure.  I love the art deco feel to the place and you can't go wrong with rooftop cocktails.  We also got a reasonable quote from Champs but we wouldn't have had the whole place to ourselves so we decided to go with King's Park and their vendor, Delaney's.

There was a small bit of gripe from a few club members that the location was sub-optimal and too familiar because we play there a lot.  For SB and me, the location was perfect because the isolation meant that we wouldn't be unleashing our teammates on unsuspecting bystanders.  We had a great dinner buffet consisting of turkey, ham, two kinds of potatoes, several vegetables, stuffing, pudding, and enough booze to over-serve all interested parties.  At the end of the night we had finally drained the enormous punch bowl but there were still unopened bottles of wine and beer despite valiant efforts made by a few very large men.  Two of the very large men were found defeated and sleeping off their efforts on the pitch.

A few days before the party SB began to confirm the number of attendees.  We found a dozen names on the club's Facebook invite that we didn't recognize.  SB tried to message them but their profiles didn't allow any contact options.  Then we looked at the profiles and discovered that one of the attendees liked to upload pictures of her hamster while another had lots of Manga and basketball.  Holy crap, we had some 14 year old from the colts team on their way over to Bacchanal 2012!  And because of their ages, Facebook wasn't allowing us to contact them to let them know that this was an age inappropriate event.

We tried to keep an eye out for any dewy faced members drinking beer and warned the less intelligent members to ID any women they managed to woo.  The only two fourteen year olds that we saw thankfully arrived with their mother.  On the bus ride over from So Kon Po, where we had been playing, mom had her jacket over them as underwear started flying past our heads.  Then the songs began.  I wasn't sure if the bus was taking us to King's Park of straight to hell.  Either way, I hoped that we had enough beer.

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