Tuesday, December 18, 2012

prickly things

SB announced to me that he was flying to New York in three days and would be there for a month.  His father is in the hospital and apparently is a handful.  The exact term used by the suffering hospital staff was 'combative.'  I agree that SB needs to be there to take care of his father and spend time with the family.  I am, however, annoyed that he only just now informed me that I would be spending the holidays alone.  I am not exactly pleased that he forgot to tell me that his father was unwell and then purchased the plane tickets before informing me that he was leaving or inviting me along.  I feel that he should have invited me even though I wouldn't have gone while he claims that he didn't think I would go so he didn't see the need to invite me.  Is this one of those Mars vs. Venus things?  Because Venus would like to club Mars over the head for his lack of inclusiveness in all of this decision making.

Then he tried to convince me to go shopping with him for gifts but I quickly disabused him of that notion.

We did have time to go on a small walk above the valley together.  We noticed some quills lying near the beginning stage from the Parkview to Dragon's Back.  I didn't know that porcupines exist here.  Has anyone seen any on your hikes?


Anonymous said...

They are apparently quite common, but basically nocturnal. I don't do much night hiking so I haven't seen any in the wild, but friends who do see them not infrequently.

So if you're stuck for diversions over the holiday season feel free to join us at http://hongkonghikers.org

architart said...

Thank you Smoggie. I have checked out the website and just might be joining for some post holiday exercise.