Monday, December 24, 2012

the best things

'Tis the night before Christmas and I'm alone in my house, quiet as a mouse.  Or considering the feast I just partook in, maybe I'm more of a fluffy gerbil.  Anyway, I am here and missing SB but I did have a wonderful time with some of my favorite people.  I am losing track of the days; after another rugby party on Saturday I found myself creeping home at 6am and then proceeded to miss most of Sunday, only to rally again today.  As there is a boozy brunch at 11am tomorrow I am staying inside tonight.  Our Christmas Eve group ordered a ham dinner from Great that really was great except that they forgot to include our potatoes when we picked up the dinner.  Great would not deliver and no one in our party was interested in taking a taxi back to Admiralty for the missing spuds so we had to make do with roasted apples and brussel sprouts.  There was plenty of delicious ham to everyone's delight except the two vegetarians in the group.  Next time we will take inventory of our food pick-up.  It was annoying to find part of our feast missing no matter how good the ham was.

I haven't come up with a gift for SB. He is gone for a month so I have time.  In the past I have gotten him electronic devices such as a GPS, a phone, a camera, and a Wii.  Then I started thinking and realized that while my gifts are really useful and appreciated now, I haven't gifted him with much that can be considered a keepsake.  So this year I want to give him a gift that he can look upon fondly in the future.

SB has gotten me some real stinkers such as that French cookbook that the only thing French about it was that it was written in French, or the coffee mug and weird figurine that were clearly bought at the airport on his way home.  But he has also come up with some wonderful presents that have amazed me.  I list my top five presents, not necessarily from Christmas but full of joy nonetheless.

  • Wood Buddha: It is not very large, about the size of a bowling ball and about as heavy.  It is a very smooth, round sculpture with minimal features but mostly just a curved and very dense piece of beautiful ebony wood.  I love how heavy and smooth it is.  I like to cradle it in my arms and run my hands across it, trying to distinguish the faint wood grain.
  • Lilies: He buys me lilies every few months from the flower store downstairs.  I love the way they fill the entire flat with their sweet fragrance. Strange how I hate flowery perfumes but love the scent of fresh lilies.  
  • Tiffany Necklace: SB's family has a tradition involving this store.  He and all of his cousins were gifted with silver key-chains when they graduated from high school.  He received cuff-links upon completing his undergraduate degree and a card case after completion of business school.  I had never even set foot in a Tiffany store when we met but two years later I had my own robin egg blue box with a pretty, little necklace.  I love it more for what it means to be included in his family than its beauty.  And I love him.
  • Lacrosse Stick: I don't really play lacrosse but the stick meant a great deal to me because it signified that SB wanted to spend more time with me.  By gifting me with my own stick, he ensured that I would accompany him when he wanted to throw the ball around.  As an added bonus it was perfectly acceptable to club him with my stick while playing with him.
  • A Dog: Okay, he didn't quite gift me with a dog but he borrowed one once and it was bliss.  I was at home in NY when I heard some strange noises outside of the back door.  Then a black shadow rushed past the window and frightened me half to death.  It was Ozzie, SB's sister's dog.  I met Ozzie before I met his sister (she met me the next day) and it was love at second sight.   

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