Monday, January 21, 2013


SB is considering delaying his return for the fourth time.  I will most likely miss spending my birthday with him, but I don't think that he remembers.  He's been in the woods for over a week and has been sending me images of his solo, metaphysical experience every few days when he goes into town for supplies and finds internet access.  It's almost like he has a filter on his phone's camera; everything is blue.  Nothing is stirring and silence becomes a sensation, almost tangible.

Last night it was -19F (-28C) and he tried to take me with him via the phone to hear the sounds on the lake that are caused by water freezing and ice expanding.  Unfortunately the house phone's range didn't make it past a couple of meters from the camp.  It has been a few years since I have experienced that kind of cold but from my recollection, the ice makes a groaning, creaking sound.  When he first took me out on the lake I was terrified that a crack was going to open up and swallow me.  He assured me that it doesn't happen that way and the ice was very thick except for the areas where springs fed into the lake. I still walked as though I was on eggshells.

 Of course because it is SB, food is part of the record

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