Sunday, January 27, 2013

the LOL heard round the world

This afternoon while cruising the internet (or interweb as SB's granny mistakenly yet accurately called it) I noticed a post on Facebook from a member of the rugby team that beat us last night.  Though it wasn't flattering on us, the vanquished team, I had to laugh out loud at either the girl's gall or her stupidity at not excluding me from the people who could view hew post.  So I wrote LOL in my comment box.

In the next half an hour I discovered how fast we can weave a digital web.  My comment made the post view-able to all of my friends.  Two rugby players from separate clubs also LOLed the post after me, thus making it view-able to their teammates.  And this is how a person flapping her gums in Carnegies started a social networking tsunami.

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