Saturday, January 26, 2013

two many

I had an uncle who was a bigamist.  No one had any idea until after he passed away and we got a grand surprise after the funeral.  I am still scratching my head at how he was able to pull it off.  SB and I spend more time away from each other than our relatives back in the States but it's not like either of us are ever completely free and clear.  Even with him in the middle of the woods I can manage contact every few days.  I would think that if he was living a double life, there would be enough unanswered phone calls or prolonged periods of silence to get my spidey senses tingling.

SB was driving for five hours on his way to New York City last night so I kept him company over the phone.  We went through many scenarios of how we might pull off a secret second marriage but most of them could never last for several years, much less several decades.  I have a few questions for my aunt but I won't ask them because they aren't very flattering.  Maybe my uncle told her that he worked for the secret service; that's the only explanation I've come up with.

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